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Word of the week: alphabetical

“Alphabetical” is a weekday afternoon quiz show, another one we have added to the “series record” list on our multi-channel box. It sits alongside “The Chase”, “Pointless”, “Countdown”, “University Challenge”, “Mastermind” and “Only Connect”. Combined with episodes of “Have I Got News for You”, “Strictly Come Dancing” and “Upstart Crow”, and over 100 “Top of… Continue reading Word of the week: alphabetical

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Word of the week: o’er

“O’er” is defined simply enough on this page from Macmillan Dictionaries as “a word meaning over, used in poetry” (adverb, preposition, literary). It came to mind at a funeral mass I attended earlier today. Some of the hymns contained words with apostrophes to make them fit in with the melody, words like spread’st, Heav’n and… Continue reading Word of the week: o’er

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Word of the week: Vegemite

It’s a while since I linked to an Oliver Burkeman article, so here’s one that’s particularly relevant for me this week. It mentions “phenomenal knowledge”, or “the knowledge of what it feels like to experience something”, in the context of tasting Vegemite for the first time. As he notes: “you can obtain such knowledge only… Continue reading Word of the week: Vegemite