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“Coriolanus” and completing the set, twice

Last night, courtesy of my son’s godmother Angela, I had a most enjoyable evening watching the Royal Shakespeare Company’s production of “Coriolanus” at the Barbican. This means that I have now seen at least two different stage productions of every Shakespeare play. I make no apologies for making lists and crossing things off them, on… Continue reading “Coriolanus” and completing the set, twice

Shakespeare · Word of the week

Word of the week: o’er

“O’er” is defined simply enough on this page from Macmillan Dictionaries as “a word meaning over, used in poetry” (adverb, preposition, literary). It came to mind at a funeral mass I attended earlier today. Some of the hymns contained words with apostrophes to make them fit in with the melody, words like spread’st, Heav’n and… Continue reading Word of the week: o’er

Shakespeare · Word of the week

Word of the week: concordance

Concordance: it’s both an abstract noun (something you can’t see, hear or touch) and a concrete noun (something you can see, hear or touch). An alternative description for a concrete noun is “something that you can put in a wheelbarrow” (though it might need to be a very big wheelbarrow). The abstract meaning of concordance… Continue reading Word of the week: concordance


10,000 words about Shakespeare

[There are over 700 words in this piece, and links to 10,000 words elsewhere.] So, how to commemorate the 400th anniversary of Shakespeare’s death? At Shakespeare’s Globe this weekend there are filmed excerpts of all the plays: “The Complete Walk: 37 Plays, 37 Films, 37 Screens, A free, celebratory journey through Shakespeare’s plays”. That’s what… Continue reading 10,000 words about Shakespeare