“He stated firm”, anyway, and other misheard lyrics

I don’t dwell too much on misheard lyrics. There are a few examples of memorable misunderstandings, and some of them still amuse me, but if you stretch it too far the idea can become a little tedious. I remember many years ago finding a website that had numerous instances of them and by the time… Continue reading “He stated firm”, anyway, and other misheard lyrics

From the workplace · Memories

Pepsi, Coke and faulty memories

In two earlier pieces this month I have mentioned members of my family remembering things differently from how I remember them. My brother has no memory of watching the 1987 movie “Black Widow”, which starred Debra Winger and Theresa Russell and featured the line “I can’t believe you’re buying this”. My father put down the… Continue reading Pepsi, Coke and faulty memories

From the workplace · Reading

More about typefaces, serifs and readability

Last month, in this piece about “Stig of the Dump” and typefaces, I mentioned how, many years ago, I used to deliver training courses on desktop publishing applications. I enjoyed teaching people the differences between typefaces, “beyond the basics of why body text is usually set in a serif, rather than sans serif, font”. [If… Continue reading More about typefaces, serifs and readability

From the workplace · Learning

How to work out the day of the week from any date (takes 10 minutes)

This is a test of my ability to teach, and my students’ ability, and willingness, to learn. You can work out the day of the week for any date in history if you can do the following 3 things: add 4 numbers together; divide numbers by 4 and by 7; learn a 12-digit sequence. If… Continue reading How to work out the day of the week from any date (takes 10 minutes)

Trivia · Word of the week

Word of the week: alphabetical

“Alphabetical” is a weekday afternoon quiz show, another one we have added to the “series record” list on our multi-channel box. It sits alongside “The Chase”, “Pointless”, “Countdown”, “University Challenge”, “Mastermind” and “Only Connect”. Combined with episodes of “Have I Got News for You”, “Strictly Come Dancing” and “Upstart Crow”, and over 100 “Top of… Continue reading Word of the week: alphabetical

At the movies · Notes from West London

“A Nightingale Sang in Berkeley Square”

Last weekend, at 1.35am on Sunday, BBC2 screened the little-known 1979 movie “A Nightingale Sang in Berkeley Square”. I say “little-known” but at least 20 people know about it thanks to my efforts over the years. It was filmed all around the part of West London where I, and many of my friends, grew up,… Continue reading “A Nightingale Sang in Berkeley Square”